Community Poll: What are the Top 7 Things to Do in the Cleveland Bathrooms?

Maddie Ott, 50 Cent's Mother-in-Law

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The responses have been pooled. The answers came in with resounding speed and accuracy. The student body has declared what officially is going on Behind the Scenes in the Cleveland bathrooms. From bottom to top, here are your top seven answers:


#7: A good ole’ dash to the bathroom to pee. Time is of the essence, you dash to the bathroom backpack and all.

#6: The Sneaky Witch: you see your crush heading to the bathroom and you follow — nothing like going pee in a solitary stall next to them to really get the pheromones pumping.

#5: To Juul: ah an ode to juuling… there really is nothing like a nice little mid-study nicotine break in the self-reflective space of the Cleveland bathrooms.

#4: Meditation and questioning your role in the broader Whitman community. It happens to the best of us. Usually, nicotine helps (see above).

#3: A good shit, nothing better than the calming modern design of the Cleveland bathrooms in utter silence and privacy.

#2: To send a risky text to someone you think could be your next sexual adventure. So risky that you immediately turn your phone on Do Not Disturb and refuse to check it for the next four hours.

#1:  The glorious morning shit after a night of heavy to moderate drinking. You leave feeling at least ten pounds lighter. 


They are accessible, they are clean, they are private and they are always the perfect temperature. Make sure to check out the glories of the Cleveland Bathrooms!