The Perfect Gift For the Perfect Lift: Three Heroic Stories of Gift-Giving Found in Rides-Digest

Maddie Ott, Tortellini Charmer

  1. Our first Good Samaritan was a simple man with a simple plan. Once his father brought him to the attention that he would need to find his own ride from Pasco back to Whitman, his heroic tendencies kicked into gear. With a nonchalant attitude, he adds to the dozens of riders-digest emails with the hope that he won’t be stranded in Pasco for five hours on the Sunday returning home from Thanksgiving break. And finally, the moment of heroism arrives  as his buddy pulls up to the airport and our student jumps into the Honda Odyssey and gratefully hands over three homemade, carefully-wrapped sandwiches, giving the passengers the energy they needed to survive the rest of the way. Unbeknownst to him, he not only gives the gift of homemade sandwiches, but he also gives the gift of infinite love and power that will help the Honda Odyssey make it the unbelievably long one hour journey from Pasco.
  2. Our second example of heroic gift-giving on this wonderful rider’s-digest season is from the opposite perspective: the perspective of the driver. In this case, the driver was the one who displayed the qualities of a true hero. In an attempt to not have to drive up to Walla Walla alone, this driver posts on the rider’s-digest: “Free ride! Snacks provided, as well as great music!” In a large brown sack filled with snacks from Trader Joes, this student celebrates the rider’s-digest season by actually giving her passengers snacks, and forcing them to listen to the same Mumford and Sons song on the following four-hour ride from Seattle. Tis’ the Season!
  3. Our last example of celebrating the rider’s-digest season is done by an actual angel. With a bladder supposedly made of steel, this hero did not complain once during the eight-hour car ride and lasted the entire way without requesting to stop to use the bathroom. This angel’s secret?  Peeing in his pants frequently and forcefully.

What will you give on this rider’s-digest holiday season?