Historic Rap Musical Hits Broadway

Clara Wheeler, staff writer

Pope Leo X:

I’m a patron of the arts and the head of the church,

My power is supreme, but one man tries to besmirch

My reputation with his declarations, his agitation of the rabble

Is sure to cause a crisis greater than the Tower of Babel.


Martin Luther:

The corruption of the church appalls me

With its nepotism, usury and simony,

Throwing the whole system out of harmony,

You carelessly decree my 95 Theses

Are bogus, you refuse to even discuss your sale of indulgences,

Making people pay for salvation is the key to my protestation.



Let me write him a letter, I’m sure he has some reason,

This is just a phase, he’s not proposing religious treason.

Luther, you better watch out, tread careful now

You’re not acting as you should, got to be more prayerful, I vow

Stop your desecration or there will be an excommunication,

I’ll condemn you and all your followers to Hell.



Your letter was just a papal bull, my actions you can’t dictate

I won’t be rejected from a church that can’t even pull its own weight.

You’re richer than Midas yet you use church funds to fund your own fun,

You use money from peddling indulgences to pay for your own extravagance

You built St. Peter’s Basilica with money from the poor and I’m here to say I can’t take any more, I won’t be led astray, I will form my own sect and break away.