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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Whitman College Poetry Society presents: Heedson Redrick’s brilliant ”˜Poems of Punishment’

A concept so important
Yet so rarely true
When you sit down on a stump to think
Does the term really describe you?
One’s own ego tends to create a stink

Only in small doses
Sincerity tries to show itself
Fluctuating between real and fake
The idea of it flummoxes me
One shall feel themselves
Before being able to feel other’s

The completeness of human is an important aspect of life
A larrikin needs to be foolish
So there is April Fool’s Day
A politician needs to argue
So there is a division of political parties
A lawyer needs to quarrel
So there are politicians that break their own laws
A couch potato needs to relax
So there is the National Relaxation Day
By creating specific aspects of society,
Each person targeted to be fulfilled at least one day a year

Deep Questions
Are you living?
How did things get here?
What is love? What is life?
Do feel the energy from the aura?
Who are you?
Where are you and where did you go?
How does life make you feel?
Are you happy or sad?
How was your break?
If a body shook, can you feel the vibrations?
How many shoes does it take to make your feet hurt?
If you had cups on your feet, do you think you could fill them with your sweat?
Is a hangnail inutile?
Can you fit 10 toothpicks in your mouth? I can.
Why do humans have two nostrils when we only have one mouth?
Who decided nose picking was wrong?

The destroyer and creator of lives
The element that only grips man
And is abused by woman
Such a powerful idea
That only humans use it
The other creatures’ intelligence
Does not allow for them to use it
And that is why they will survive
While we rot with our green

The protector of the Pacific Northwest
It evades people
Unless it is blurry
Then we should be very terrified
How do you kill a blurry beast?
Especially when it’s so brobdingnagian
When you try to shoot it,
Does the bullet automatically miss?
I want to meet Sasquatch

The Beach
Everyone loves the beach
Soaking up the UV rays
Feeling the cool breeze
Funny alcoholic beverages
With little umbrellas to keep them in the shade
The soft sand and dirt
Slipping through the toes
Boy do I love?
Sitting in my bathtub
With the window open,
Fan blowing,
Sand in the tub
Oh my, I love the outdoors

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