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Whitman College Poetry Society presents: Heedson Redrick’s brilliant ”˜Poems of Punishment’

Reed Hendrickson April 9, 2015

Sincerity A concept so important Yet so rarely true When you sit down on a stump to think Does the term really describe you? One's own ego tends to create a stink Only in small doses Sincerity...

The Fragile Rock

Jessica Faunt October 17, 2014

October 3, 2014 - Comb Ridge, UT "Soft as the earth is mankind and both need to be altered" -W.H. Auden Somewhere deep in southeastern Utah, outside the unexpected town of Bluff, rock is holding...

Whitman Fosters Power of Beauty

Whitman Fosters Power of Beauty

May 15, 2014

This guest column was written by Allison Bolgiano '14 The spring of my junior year, I had two evening seminars in Maxey. Later in the semester, when I caught sunsets on my walks across Ankeny, I'd...

Beauty and the Beholder, Part Two

Hillary Smith March 5, 2014

I'm going to pick up where I left off in my last post: Discussion of Differing Perceptions of Beauty, Part Two. Last week, I wrote about the evolution of societal perception of the perfect female figure....

Doubtful Sound

Doubtful Sound

Lindsey Holdren April 7, 2013

Doubtful Sound is in New Zealand's Fiordland National Park and was used as a backdrop in The Lord of the Rings (so of course we had to check it out). Fiordland is one of the rainiest places on Earth; the...

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