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Whitman College Poetry Society presents: Heedson Redrick’s brilliant ”˜Poems of Punishment’

Reed Hendrickson

April 9, 2015

Sincerity A concept so important Yet so rarely true When you sit down on a stump to think Does the term really describe you? One's own ego tends to create a stink Only in small doses Sincerity tries to show itself Fluctuating between real and fake The idea of it flummoxes me One shall fe...

Smells like Spring!

Smells like Spring!

Marra Clay

April 6, 2014

Everyone is enjoying this weather- but the beautiful sunshine is distracting while studying for midterms. However, the new growth on campus is providing both a colorful view and a delicious smell to experience when I pop out of the doors to Anderson each morning.    ...

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