Memories (Slightly Worn) For Sale

Melina Hughes

I can’t believe it is time: time to graduate, time to move on, time to spread my wings and fly. These past four years have gone by in the blink of an eye. From the cardboard box forts of freshman year to the drunken nights lying on the floor of a grungy off-campus house, every single memory has been wonderful, but alas! I am a senior and only have a few precious weeks left here.

I remember the first piece of Goodwill furniture I bought, an adorable little loveseat in a green-and-black 80s Aztec print. My roommate and I went halfsies on it to cram it into our Lyman dorm room, making it the coolest room in A-Sec. So much laughter and memories on that couch, also some minor stains. $30 OBO.

And then there was the coffee table I was willed in my first off-campus house. It has a few scratches and carved right into the table are the words “Chug Life,” a motto I have chosen to live by these last two years. A truly inspirational place to set your midnight quesadillas and post-Beta party hangover cures. It supports your food, drinks and spirit.  $60.

All of those parties and all of those mandatory costumes have piled up over the last four years. I have tried on identities like hats: cowgirl, pirate, planet, space-pirate, lumberjack, space-lumberjack, flamingo and space-flamingo…. I am so going to miss those late crazy evenings dancing and sweating the night away in a basement, feeling so wild and young. $40 for the whole collection or $5 per item.

I really can’t believe it is time for me to move on. I am not ready to let go. Thank you Whitman for the best four years of my life. My experiences here have truly been priceless (unlike my nearly new Biology textbook, $50 OBO).