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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Illustration by Hannah Paul

Writing theses as varsity athletes

Ryder Brookes, Staff Reporter February 20, 2020

Senior year at Whitman is both a celebratory and stressful time for students, especially as they go through crafting theses and preparing for major exams. As a senior capstone project, the thesis is...

Photo by Missy Gerlach

Style Spotlight: Maeve Sloan

Eric Anderson, Staff Writer May 5, 2016
Lipstick, platform boots, bangs and a noticeable lack of colored clothing are a big part of Maeve's eclectic, region-inspired style.

Senior artists prepare theses

April 21, 2016
The senior art majors’ individual art projects will be presented in Sheehan Gallery starting on April 22, to be seen by the public and critiqued by the art department.
(Left to right) Emma casley, Noelle butler, Meg Logue and John Lee. Photo contributed by Jonh Lee.

Whitman Hosts Film Festival Branch

Martina Pansze, A&E Editor October 15, 2015
This year is the first that The Tri-Cities International Film Festival (TRIFI) has screened a branch at Whitman.
Shaw working on her final piece. Photo contributed by Maddison Coons.

Seniors install final pieces

Hannah Bartman April 23, 2015

As another academic year comes to a close, seniors throughout all disciplines have worked hard to provide a capstone to their Whitman experience in the form of a thesis. All 14 senior art majors have a...

Death becomes them: Senior theatre majors take final bow

Geoffrey Leach March 5, 2015

"Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead" opens on March 5 in the Harper Joy Theatre. The two leading roles will be played by seniors Emily Krause and Tory Davidson. Krause will be playing Rosencrantz and...

Senior theater majors prepare for their performance in Top Girls. Front row, from left: Kathryn Bogley 15, Annie Szeliski 15. Back row, from left: Sarah Ann Wollett 15, Caroline Rensel 15. Photo by Halley McCormick.

Seniors showcase skills in “Top Girls”

Daniel Kim October 23, 2014
Senior theater majors have been preparing senior projects for "Top Girls". Sarah Ann Wollet, Caroline Rensel and Kathryn Bogley have been researching their roles and the play, while senior Anne Szeliski has been preparing as stage manager
Back to School, Back to Movies: Fall Movie Preview

Back to School, Back to Movies: Fall Movie Preview

Nathan Fisher September 11, 2014
Whether you are stressing out over papers or exams, worrying about life after college, or maybe you just need to get away from campus, here is my crash course list of the big fall movies that have potential to be a worthy substitute to alcohol and parties.

Memories (Slightly Worn) For Sale

Melina Hughes May 8, 2014
Timeless and Nostalgic! $50 OBO.
Senior Duck Not Likely to Receive Diploma

Senior Duck Not Likely to Receive Diploma

Molly Johanson April 3, 2014
Spring is a time of excitement and renewal. Flowers bloom, people begin ordering their lattes iced and Whitman seniors begin turning their pale faces and screen-strained eyes toward the shining sun of graduation. As many seniors excitedly await leaving Whitman and migrating into the future, one student isn't looking forward to the change.
Julia Bowman 12

Senior Profiles: Post-Graduate Plans

Maegan Nelson May 13, 2013
Three Whitman seniors share their exciting future plans, including farming in Italy and doing research on marine life.

Senior women close out collegiate soccer careers

Tyler Hurlburt November 11, 2010
For Kristen Innes and Kate Newman with the end of the season, came the end of their time playing soccer for Whitman.
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