Girl Does Things Over Break

Melina Hughes

Oh my goodness, I have gotten so much done over the break! I feel so accomplished right now. It’s so nice to be home in my Portland suburb hometown right now, and it’s great to see all my BFFs from high school. Wildcats forever, bitches! But, like, I’m a college student now and I needed to get things done.

So I got ahead on my reading for Encounters and wrote my final paper. I think it is pretty good. I wrote about Plato’s “Symposium.” I definitely made some strong points. I also finished up all of my chemistry homework for the rest of the semester, that stuff is so EASY once you get going on it. And since finals are coming up and all, I started studying for those.

I also started organizing my future, you know, it’s never too early to start planning. I worked my way through three GRE study books and am onto a fourth. I finished up all of my applications for grad school. Harvard is my backup and I am pretty sure I’ll get in.

I finally got to pick up my room and do a really deep cleaning, vacuuming and dusting and shit. I also completely reorganized my closet. I created this bomb organization scheme by color so I’ll never accidentally grab my tangerine velour hoodie when I want my bubblegum-pink hoodie. God, that was an awful day when that happened.

Given that it’s the holidays and all, I also baked a pie for my grandmother. And another pie for my aunt. And one for my mom. And one for each of my professors. And I made a pie for myself too, but mine was vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and nonfat. But of course I still went to the gym afterwards. The holidays are no excuse to get lazy! Then I did all my holiday shopping and hand-wrote holiday cards for all of my friends.

But thank goodness it is break because, honestly, I needed a rest! I watched one episode of TV on Netflix and now I feel so rejuvenated I could run a marathon, which I just did yesterday. And now I am just so relaxed and ready to go back to school!