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Vol. CLIV, Issue 9
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Profile of Whitman Ghosts

Illustration by Lya Hernandez

Spooky the Spooker – If you’ve ever spent late nights in the basement of Penrose Library, you are familiar with old Spooky, even if you don’t know it! He travels throughout the rows of books, visits the archives and lounges in Café 41. Not often seen above the first floor, he occasionally travels up the elevator with a student just to do some lighthearted scaring.

Ghoulie the Goblin – A bit of a snacker, Ghoulie inhabits the Jewett Hall main lounge and dining hall at night. Don’t worry about running into him with some late night shenanigans; he won’t tell. He’s made many first-year friends throughout the years, but isn’t concerned about his status as the most popular ghost.

Marlow the Madman – Marlow loves chilling on the second floor of Reid Campus Center. One of his particular favorite activities is overhearing the ASWC meetings. He views himself as rather in the know on most Whitman events, and sometimes has late night chats with staff from the SEC. Unfortunately, his abundance of knowledge has him muttering phrases constantly, often ones that make zero sense.

Edgar the Eerie – More of a quiet type, Edgar prefers to lurk about on the third floor of Olin Hall. He is especially intrigued by the language assistants’ foreign accents and loves when they stop by to chat. He also observes the studious folks who come to Olin to study, but he occasionally becomes bored with the math major chats, compelling him to erase their various proofs on classroom chalkboards.

Buddy the Boogieman – The jolliest of them all, big B calls BFFC home. He encourages staff and students who are on that late night workout grind, and also welcomes the custodians in at the crack of dawn when they begin their day. When the facility is closed, he stays active by pumping some iron, particularly the dumbbells.

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