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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Now Is The Time For Horsies

Illustration by Asa Mease

Dear Whitman College Student Body,

As some of you may know, I, Rim Teed, ASWC president of Whitman College, attended a prestigious West Coast boarding school by the name of Batcher. Now I wouldn’t mention my prestigious West Coast boarding school, Batcher, without reason, unless it could benefit Whitman College. In addition to connections I will keep for a lifetime and an excellent college preparatory education, Batcher also gifted me with a life-preparatory education. This education was all thanks to horses.

One of Batcher’s best programs, which I, Rim Teed, ASWC president of Whitman College, took part in, had to do with taking care of a horse. Upon entering Batcher as a first-year, each student is assigned and must take care of a horse. Students are expected to feed, clean up and exercise their horses along with their daily school work and extracurricular activities.

I would wake at five in the morning, put on my boots and muck out to Lincoln’s stables. Lincoln was a grand black stallion with an attitude and bad breath. He snorted, bucked and would ram into his stall, always attempting to escape.

Some days Lincoln spat in my face and tried to step on my foot. Other days Lincoln brayed the other horses into a panic. There was a week where Lincoln simply refused to eat. And no one, including myself, was brave enough to ride Lincoln my first year.

I broke Lincoln and that is what has made me the man I am today. Lincoln taught me how to persevere through sweat and tears, and Lincoln taught me how to love. There is nothing that makes a person stronger than taming a beast twice his size and then being able to pat the beast on the hindquarters. Lincoln could not be replaced by an Audi or a boat. I could not learn what I learned from Lincoln canoeing or running, or even swimming the English Channel.

So I propose to you, students of Whitman College, now is the time for horsies. New professors, buildings, tennis courts and merit aid will not teach us half as much. Now is the time for horsies. Don’t let others tell you we have to crunch numbers and wear business suits to succeed; it’s all about hands-on experience and your heart. America has lost its roots and passion. So, now is the time for horsies

Please join me in proposing Whitman College’s next fund-raising effort: Now Is The Time For Horsies.

A grateful Batcher alumnus,
ASWC President,
Rim Teed

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