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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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What’s in Your Oven?

Do you sometimes wonder what is in your oven, but are too confused, lazy, tired, dumb or freaked out to check? We can help.
Please note, however, that due to the limited nature of the quiz, all items fit for oven-filling cannot be listed. Please accept our sincerest apologies, if we are unable to even scratch the surface of your oven issues, or lead you astray or into danger in any way.
*We are not liable for your oven-related injuries.

Do you feel a comfortable blanket of warm air surrounding you?
Are there bowls and dirty utensils on tables and counters by you?
Do your hands have flour or dough on them?
Did you preheat your oven between 325-425 degrees Fahrenheit?
Is there a book or a computer or tablet device near you with a recipe on it?
If you answered yes to all of these questions then you, sir or madam, are likely baking buns or cookies or cake, pie or pizza pie. Congratulations for using your oven properly.

Do you have a large, bulbous abdomen?
Do you have a uterus?
Did you engage in sexual activity with a fertile man two months to nine month ago?
Was birth control either forgotten, failed or purposefully negated?
You, madam, are fostering a special type of human bun in your human oven. Eat right, exercise and go to the doctor.

Did you recently misplace something and then proceed to make dinner?
Does it smell like something unnatural is burning?
Is the food you were supposed to put in the oven still on the counter?
Do you know where your cellphone is?
Get up and look in your oven. You may be baking your cellphone or another personal item instead of your dinner.

Right now are you feeling really REALLY HOT*?
Do you have an apple in your mouth?
Are you developing a crispy exterior?
Are you seeing your kitchen from behind a plexiglass pane around knee-level?
Did you run into a very friendly witch and eat her gingerbread house?
If you answered yes to all of these questions then you, sir or madam, are in your oven. We advise calling for help.

Are you hungry?
Put some food in your oven!

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