Pio editor arrested for residing in Reid

Patricia Vanderbilt

The editor-in-chief of The Pioneer was arrested yesterday for allegedly living at Reid Campus Center.

Campus security was originally called by Associate Dean of Students: Student Programs and Activities Barbara Maxwell, who noticed said editor exhibiting some suspicious behavior.

Credit: Ethan Parrish

“Well, first I saw her carrying bags of groceries upstairs, and Leann [Adams] mentioned that there was a sleeping bag in her office. My night janitor told me that she’s always there when the janitor cleans the building, and I’ll occasionally encounter her brushing her teeth in the 2nd floor bathroom. But all that is pretty typical of Pio editors. When I saw that her address on People Search was listed as 280 Boyer Avenue, that’s when I started to get suspicious,” Maxwell said.

The staff members of at The Pioneer said that their EIC’s actions suddenly made sense.

“She always referred to the Pio office as ‘home,’ but we thought she was joking,” said senior Cara Lowry, managing editor of The Pioneer. “I wanted to believe that she had a life outside of the newspaper. I suppose I was just lying to myself.”

Others mentioned that the Pio editor tends to act anxious and jittery when she is outside the News Room for an extended amount of time.

“She does get a strange twitch when she isn’t in the office,” said Production Manager Ted Hendershot. “It’s pretty disturbing.”

When campus security arrived to confront said editor, she attempted to evade them by hiding under her desk in the back office of the News Room. She then refused to vacate the premises, and campus security was forced to call the Walla Walla Police Department in to evict her.

Witnesses report the editor-in-chief raving maniacally about deadlines and word counts as she was escorted to the squad car. The editor then realized that she would have to cover her arrest in the upcoming issue of The Pioneer. “That’s going to be awkward,” she said.