Senior post-grad plans: Meghan Bill, Jimmy Kaplan, Adam Delgado

Sylvie Luiten

Meghan Bill

Credit: Allie Felt

“[My plans are] still being formed. I wrote my thesis on museums in the local area because I’m really interested in museum studies and museum education, so I’m searching for opportunities there. But, I have an internship this summer with the Smithsonian Association, which is the educational arm of the Smithsonian Institution. I’m going to be working with them all summer and organizing conferences, events and speakers at the various museums.”

“In two years I’m hoping to go to graduate school for museum studies. It’s really hard to find entry-level jobs with museums right out of college so I’ll probably get a masters in museum studies within the next year or two.”

“I’ve been working pretty closely with museums in the local area. I got to work with the director of the Fort Walla Walla museum, talking about the exhibits  and what they want to do there, and the Tamastslikt cultural center in Pendleton and then the Whitman mission.”

“A lot of race and ethnic studies have social justice underpinnings to them and the museum exhibits that I’ve been most moved by have looked at the civil rights movement. The [issue] I’m most passionate about [is] striving for equality. I think it would be great to have a feminist museum, but what feminism looks like today.”


Jimmy Kaplan

Credit: Allie Felt

“I’ll be working at a museum in Wyoming that is pretty much on several dig sites, and things that they dig up go right into the museum. Basically I’ll be digging for bones and cleaning bones after they’re excavated. The museum also has a ‘dig for a day’ program where people and families can sign up to dig, so I’ll be supervising patrons and helping them dig whenever that happens.”

“It’s a fun job for the summer but I’m from the city, my first geology class was actually at Whitman, and I think I may want to do graduate studies in engineering in the future and follow that path.”


Adam Delgado

Credit: Allie Felt

“I actually accepted [a job offer] in August of 2011, so I’ve had it for some time. I sat for a round of first-round interviews at a super day at Columbia Business School in August. One of the firms that I interviewed with was Booz Allen Hamilton, a public sector consulting firm based in McLean, Va. I was offered a position as a consultant for their health services so it’s basically solving problems, saving money and delivering results. So I would be hired as a consultant to go onto sites, the largest federal health agencies, and look at their programs and how they can improve. It should be an interesting way to start a career, completely not what I was expecting, but when I look at . . . other things I’ve done on campus it kind of aligns with that.”

“Since I’ve come to Whitman I’ve been involved with Club Latino, First Generation Working Class and the Black Student Union. I’m also the student representative to the diversity committee, which is one of the committees with the board of trustees. I’ve held that position since sophomore year so I’ve seen how institutions work with issues of diversity; it’s given me a perspective of how to frame an issue and address topics that trustees aren’t familiar with.”