The New Book-Review Blog!

Dana Thompson

Hello and welcome to my brand-spanking-new book review blog published by the Whitman Pioneer! My name is Dana Thompson and I’m a member of the class of 2015 (which means I just finished my freshman year at Whitman). This blog is meant to be an easy and (hopefully) interesting way to hear about the literature that’s out there––whether it’s just been published or has had a couple lifetimes to steep on the shelves. Summer is, for the enthusiastic reader, a time to curl up on a couch or under a tree and devour some excellent literature. Hopefully this blog will point you in the direction of such works––and away from some books that may perhaps be a bit of a waste of your time. Because, trust me: they’re out there. Waiting for you to fall unwittingly into their grasp. Therefore arm yourselves my children. Read this book-review blog.