Mountain West Conference submits proposal for eight team football playoff

Andy Jobanek

While I seriously doubt that anything will come of it due to greedy college presidents in the big ten and the pac-10, at least somebody is trying to get a playoff in college football. The Mountain West should be applauded for taking this chance to move the playoff discussion forward. It will likely fail–just as the SEC’s four-team playoff proposal did last year–but at least somebody’s the voice of dissent in college football.

Also, if you take a look at the article, pay attention to the poll on the right hand side. ESPN sports nation asks readers: “are you in favor of the Mountain West’s proposal to create an eight-team playoff system?” and after 46,500 votes, 91 percent responded “yes.” The fan vote might not officially change the system, but an overwhelming majority like that one can make quite a tantrum.

-Andy Jobanek, Sports Editor