Presenting the Fall 2013 Pioneer Editors and Managers!

Shelly Le

Fall 2013 Editors
Photo by Catie Bergman

This afternoon was our first editors critique meeting and I can’t honestly say more about how proud and honored I am to work with such dynamic, fun, dedicated, and good-looking (If I do say so myself!) individuals. Our majors span from BBMB to Economics to German Studies and our non-Pio interests include soccer, watching Jeopardy! and coffee making. We don’t get a whole lot of sleep, we eat way too much pizza on production night and some of us (err, I mean Sean) have terrible taste in music.

On a side note, this is the first time, in the three years that I’ve worked on The Pio‘s editorial board where there is an almost equal number of males and females. Anyway, I’m rambling. Our first print issue hit stands this week, but this is our formal hello. Hello!

Back row, from left to right: Sports Editor Quin Nelson ’16, Web Editor Ben Schaefer ’14, Production Manager Sean McNulty ’14, Illustration Editor Luke Hampton ’16, Videography Editor Skye Vander Laan ’16, Opinion Editor Kyle Seasly ’15, Chief Copy Editor Matthew Nelson ’15. Middle row, from left to right: Backpage Editor Molly Johanson ’14, Feature Editor Karah Kemmerly ’14, A&E Editor Aleida Fernandez ’15, News Editor Sarah Cornett ’16, Business Manager Annie Robison ’14. Front row, from left to right: Photography Editor Catie Bergman, Managing Editor Pam London, Editor in Chief Shelly Le, News Editor Dylan Tull. Not pictured: Webmaster Nick Budak, Web-Content Editor Tristan Gavin and Advertising Manager Helen Brooks.