Is There an Echo in Here?

Blair Hanley Frank

You may be noticing something new and different about the Pioneer’s website today, and it looks something like this:


We’re proud to announce that we’re partnering with a New-York-based startup called Echoed to bring you, our readers, a new way to interact with the Pio online. Echoed is a system that will allow you to easily share your stories with the community here on While we work hard to cover news on campus, we can’t be everywhere, and we want to hear about the things that are important to our readers. Here’s a guide on how to get started posting your stories:

Before you get going, you’ll want to check out our Terms of Use at That document lays out what is and isn’t kosher to post. If you’re interested in some tips about subjects, here’s some stuff we think would be interesting:

  • Recaps of campus events (lectures, sports games, etc.) sharing your thoughts
  • Photos from around campus–encounters with ducks, excursions into the wheat fields or just cool shots of daily life
  • Thoughts on events or policies on campus, such as tuition increases, faculty benefits, student representation with trustees, or anything else that’s on your mind
  • Reviews of local restaurants and other businesses

After checking out our terms, click on the plus button in the Echoed widget. If you haven’t posted with them before, you’ll be directed to a screen which will allow you to sign up. After that, you’ll be taken to a screen where you can enter a title.


Once you’ve saved your title, you’ll have a chance to enter the body text of your piece.

I’m a little bit wordy here. You certainly don’t have to write nearly as much as I did.

You can then choose to attach an image, add a subtitle, or add more text.

In this case, I used a photo from a video recording of one of the shows I talked about.
In this case, I used a photo from a video recording of one of the shows I talked about.

Once you click “Save and Publish,” you’re all done, and your story will be live on our site! Happy posting!