A Brief Vegan Instagram Anthology


Sarah Cornett

During a summer adventure in veganism, I was quickly led to the exciting world of plant-based Instagram accounts. The Instagram scene opened up an addictive space of beautiful food photography, cooking ideas, and restaurants I put on my list to try when I return to California over breaks. Though there are some definite vegan possibilities in Walla Walla, the closing of the delightful Garden Cafe last year was the final straw for an exclusively vegan eatery 🙁

Here is a (highly subjective) list of quality instagram accounts. These personalities helped me realize that there are many different ways to be vegan: there are glam vegans, buff vegans, glowing vegans, punk vegans, raw vegans, absolutist vegans, and junk-food vegans. Beginning your day with early-morning yoga and fresh-pressed green juice isn’t a requirement of living in a plant-based way.


The royalty




Isa is the queen of vegans. Her cookbooks are canonical in the vegan world. A ‘90s Brooklyn public access television show she did with Terry Hope Romero called “The Post Punk Kitchen” lives forever in plant-based hearts. Her’s may be my favorite instagram account. It’s a pretty even split of her recipes (some of which are from her Omaha vegan restaurant, Modern Love) and meals at restaurants across the USA. Her relatable, punk-infused comments may be the most fun part of her instagram presence.




This native New Zealander and LA transplant appears to eat at vegan establishments 2-3 times a day. All the better for his wonderful food photography! And, on the contrary, he is far from fat.




The vegan instagram princess. London-based, deliciouslyella has turned a popular food blog into a brilliantly successful instagram account, which she uses mostly to post pics that may lend themselves to stereotypes of young vegan ladies (think lots of yoga and sweatshirts that say ‘Kale’). However, her recipes are simple and her food photography is delightful: I’ve definitely had meals inspired by her posts.


Ultra healthy vegans




This instagrammer definitely could be glam vegan-typecasted, but her unique emphasis on raw foods is interesting and makes for very beautiful photos of large bowls of fruit!




Again, lots of yoga to be had, but she posts some great recipes. If you are interested in banana ‘nice’ cream, this is the lady for you.




This instagrammer is a little more punk than some of our earlier yoga lovers, yet is still clearly very invested in fitness. Her recipes are creative and the food photography might be the best on this list. A nice mix of both raw and non-raw food!


Down-to-earth vegans




This San Francisco instagrammer posts meal photos that actually look like something I could do myself, something that’s often hard to come by in the instagram food scene.




An Australia vegan lady, sadvegangirl is a big fan of avocados (aren’t we all). Whether she’s posting a photo of her latest baked good concoction, or a big jar of smoothie, her recipe ideas and accompanying comments make veganism normal and relatable.


Not so healthy vegans




You guessed it! It turns out you don’t have to eat lots of salad and vegetables as a vegan. unhealthyvegan is in it for the animals, and is a big fan of cheese and meat substitutes brands like Daiya, Beyond meat, and Field Roast. Lots of great creative burrito concoctions, as well.




The account name says it all: this guy lives in London and posts mostly pics of vegan snacks, with a special emphasis on big delicious veggie burgers.


Vegan establishments




If I ever travel to London, this might be the first place I stop. I first encountered Cookies and Scream Bakery’s account when another instagrammer posted a picture of a large slice of their vegan “choco” pie- they post photos of their baked goods, milkshakes, and other desserts, proving that veganism can in fact be applied to sugary classics.




This Portland restaurant posts photos of their trendy and healthy bowls and brunches: their smoothies, pancakes, and creative vegan meals are clear indicators that vegan restaurants don’t have to have ambient yoga music and food slathered with Daiya cheese.




Recently featured in the New York Time’s article Vegan’s Go Glam, the ultra-trendy LA restaurant Crossroads boasts a large celebrity following. You’ll find some of the most creative vegan meal concoctions on this Mediterranean-inspired vegan restaurant’s account: a ‘seafood tower’ and lasagna with almond ricotta seem to be among their most popular dinner options.