KWCW Show of the Week

Daniel Kim

Show: ‘The Vinyl Vault’

Time: Mondays, 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Host: Liam Tevlin

Following the vinyls that have been coming back into popular demand within the past few years comes Liam Tevlin’s  radio show, “The Vinyl Vault.” A vinyl enthusiast and collector, Tevlin shares KWCW’s record collection as well as some of his own for his listeners. Tevlin appreciates the record collection, which consists of a vault filled with music, especially by artists who are becoming antiquated and lost to time.

“The Vinyl Vault” is a time to discover new and old music, almost exclusively in vinyl format, and learn about the development of musical genre, songwriting and the music business as you relax to the sweet crackle of needle on vinyl. Tevlin even breaks a sweat as he constantly cues up the turn tables for the next song on the next record, but he loves the quality of the so much vinyl that he finds every drop worth the effort.