This is a Talking Heads Cover Band Exudes Talent, Funk

Emma Dahl

You might have heard of This is a Talking Heads Cover Band, a new student band taking campus by storm. This reporter can say with confidence that this group of student musicians is incredibly talented.

Brett Leroux, Max Reikosky, Chris Perkins, Tommy Gibson and Natalie Stevens, all '14.  Photos by Susie Krikava.
This is a Talking Heads Cover Band members: Brett Leroux, Max Reikosky, Chris Perkins, Tommy Gibson and Natalie Stevens, all ’14. Photos by Susie Krikava.

Members include junior Max Reikosky on vocals, bass and some trumpet; junior Nat Stevens on vocals; sophomore Kyle Seasly on guitar; sophomore Josh Tacke on drums; sophomore Marga deJong on bass; and junior Riley Hernandez playing the keyboard. Sophomore Max Bates plays an electronic wind instrument, and the brass section is made up of junior Brett Leroux on trumpet, junior Chris Perkins on saxophone and junior Tommy Gibson on bass trombone.

Their set list includes such classics as “Life During Wartime,” “Psycho Killer” and “Road to Nowhere,” and they play their music with an incredible energy and enthusiasm.

The band began as Seasly’s brainchild.

“First it was [Kyle] and Nat, and it was an idea for ages. And then they recruited people one by one,” said deJong.

“I was in Nepal, actually, and got a Facebook message from Natalie Stevens saying ‘Hey, you want to be in a Talking Heads cover band?'” said Reikosky.

DeJong had some initial doubts about joining.

“At first I was like, ‘Are you sure you want me in the band? I don’t play bass.’ But then Kyle told me that Tina [the bass player for Talking Heads] didn’t learn how to play bass until David Byrne taught her … I’m just like Tina!” said deJong.

It’s inarguable that David Byrne has an incredibly exceptional and unique voice. In order to avoid the futile goal of trying to imitate Byrne directly, the band opted to go another direction and have a female vocalist.

“But the whole thing with two singers, [Reikosky and Stevens]––three including Marga––has worked out pretty nicely,” said Seasly.

When asked what kind of gigs the band prefers, Reikosky responded with, “We play only for diplomats.” Up to the present, the band has only played at house parties and once at a school event. The consensus seemed to be that the more casual the venue, the better.

“It’s nice to see people having fun. That makes me have fun,” said Reikosky.

The band said they chose to cover the Talking Heads because, hey, who doesn’t like the Talking Heads?

“They have endless songs, and tons of crowd pleasers,” said DeJong.

“I don’t know, ‘cause I like the Talking Heads,” said Seasly frankly.

“They’re funky as [expletive]!” said Hernandez.

The band reports that they’re working on new material, namely perfecting “Once in a Lifetime.” Keep an eye out for a possible end-of-the-year show. And if, dear reader, you catch wind of a This is a Talking Heads Cover Band concert happening near you, I highly recommend that you attend. The only possible outcome is having a great time dancing to some great music.