Style Spotlight: Nicky Khor ’14 in Goodwill

cade beck

This week, The Pioneer took a trip to Whitman’s clothing hotspot, Goodwill, and asked junior Nicky Khor to create his best outfit and give us his best fashion advice.

Photos by cade beck.
Nicky Khor ’14 brings style to Goodwill.  Photos by cade beck.

“My mother always told me I looked good in earth tones––a lot of browns and olive greens––due to my complexion. What can I say? I get my fashion inspiration from my mother, actually. She knows what she’s talking about. This first outfit, I feel, is going back to my roots both figuratively and literally––I look like a tree.”

“I decided to change [my shoes] back to black because I feel like the dark colors really complement each other.”
Nicky Khor '14

“The corduroy … I’m not [a corduroy person] in general, but I want to try to become one. I find them very comfortable … I just want to try them myself.”

“I would actually buy the brown corduroys if they were in the right length, and the [green] sweater as well. I also like what I’m wearing right now.”

“Mixing and matching is super important. The right idea is to have a selection of basic colors and then build around that, not to buy specific outfits.”

“The second jacket just looked really comfortable. Maybe not … the appropriate color given what I’m wearing … but who knows.”

“I think [black, blue and gray] is a very classy combination. Look a little older, a lot sharper.”
“More recently [I’ve been wearing sweaters a lot]. I also tend to wear long sleeves, plaid design. Sweaters are always classy. No shortage of compliments.”

“My look has been changing a lot lately. I [used to be] the guy in jeans and a sweatshirt. I think that’s really comfortable and [there’s] a lot to be said about that style of dress, but lately I’ve taken to putting a little more thought into how I dress. Sharper clothes … simple, but look good.”

“[My general fashion philosophy] is don’t show up nude.”