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Vol. CLIV, Issue 9
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Style spotlight: Lily Gibbs ’15

Photos by cade beck.

Every week, The Pioneer searches out Whitties who bring an extra splash of fashion consciousness and sartorial daring to campus. This week’s style spotlight: sophomore Lily Gibbs.

“The scarf is … one of many that I have, but this is probably my favorite. I like how it can go with a lot of different outfits because it has a lot of muted colors.”

“The overalls were my grandfather’s. They’re pretty beat up, but they’re beat up legitly by him.”

“The Chacos were the best investment that I’ve ever made in my life. I love them dearly; I wear them pretty much 365.”

“The [ring] on my left hand on my pinky was my grandmother’s. Just recently when we were going through the house kinda looking at different articles of clothing or jewelry we found this one and thought it was really pretty.”

“My hair is an epic saga that everyone who knows me knows about. Two years ago I got a pixie cut … I had really really long hair before that. And then I cut it. And it was a great experience, two years I kept it really short and then I decided I wanted to grow it out and it’s just been a painful, drawn-out process. But in the process I have learned that hair is just hair and despite how slowly or how quickly it grows, it does grow, and one day my hair will be back to the length it once was. I don’t [think I’ll ever cut it again].”

“Some mornings I actually want to put thought into what I’m wearing, some mornings I don’t. When I do, I have some go-to stuff and just sort of build on that, try different things. I really like coats, so if an outfit is not working I can always put a coat on over it.”

“My look is conscious but not overbearing.”

“When I had really long hair … as I’d go to bed I’d think about how I’d do my hair the next day; I really like doing hair. But it’s kind of the same thing––sometimes if I know that I actually want to think about what I want to wear tomorrow I’ll think about it the night before … inspiration comes when I’m lying in bed at night.”

“I think it’s a great day when overalls can make it into the spotlight fashion. It’s pretty awesome.”

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