SLIDESHOW: Reid Got the Beat of Taiko Drummers Monday

cade beck

Taiko drummers Gary Tsujimoto and Nancy Ozaki of One World Taiko, based out of Seattle, played for Whitman students and community members on Monday, Nov. 5, in Reid Ballroom during lunch.

Japanese for “big drum,” this traditional Japanese style drumming was passed down to them by their sensei. Some of the drums used by Tsujimoto and Ozaki were traditional Japanese drums; however, the largest drum (centerstage on the pedestal) was made from a whisky barrel.

After captivating the audience for three sets – some of which were composed by Tsujimoto – the drummers invited volunteers onstage to learn to do taiko drumming. The students were taught individually and then joined together with Tsujimoto and Ozaki to play one collaborative piece. Ozaki reminded the student drummers that “improvisation is key,” and that if they got tired of the beat they had been taught, to take the liberty to make it up themselves.