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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Style spotlight: Natalie Shaw ’15

Every week, The Pioneer searches out Whitties who bring an extra splash of fashion consciousness and sartorial daring to campus. This week’s style spotlight: sophomore Natalie Shaw.

Style Soundbites:

“The yellow cardigan … I got it when I was in Berkeley with my mom and my aunt. We were at some sample sale that was mainly for them, and I was just tagging along. Mostly it was pretty mom-ish. But then there was this little gem that was this cardigan!”

Photos by cade beck.

“It looks like something you would get from Mod-Cloth … it’s too expensive to buy from them. I’m a cheapskate … except for makeup. I spend too much money on makeup.”

“My navy lipstick … I just got it in the mail last week. It’s from this brand called Portland Black Lipstick Company and they make … all-natural makeup based off of Victorian recipes for makeup. It’s really affordable … and great quality. And it’s sort of minty-flavored, which is kind of exciting.”

“Their motto is ‘all-natural makeup for your unnatural look,’ which I really like because I like the unnatural look.”

“I don’t worry about embracing my natural beauty. I like how my face looks with no makeup on, and I like how my face looks with makeup on.”

“When putting an outfit together … lots of colors and at least one print. I’ve been kind of amassing printed pants.”

“Just put the damn thing on. It doesn’t matter if it’s … ugly. Just put it on if you like it. I have a lot of things that … some people say they don’t have the confidence to wear … but … it’s not that they can’t wear them; they just have to put them on and be happy about wearing it.”

“More color is always good. What’s a wardrobe without color?”

“I would characterize my look as being colorful but slightly edgy. I’m going through a slightly goth phase, at least makeup-wise.”

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