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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Style spotlight: Luc Charbonneau ’15

Every week, The Pioneer searches out Whitties who bring an extra splash of fashion consciousness and sartorial daring to campus. This week’s style spotlight: sophomore Luc Charbonneau.

Photos by cade beck.

“When I was in high school I played football all four years, and our football team had a thing where everybody wore Air Jordans. We used to wear them, like, during school, and then on Fridays we’d obviously wear our football uniforms before the games. It’s just kind of like how we were identified as football players.”

“I’m kind of a little OCD like that: I like matching.”

“I have all my drawers organized; like, I have a stack of just blue shorts, just red shorts, just orange, pretty much every color you can think of. I have my shirts lined up the same way, so when I grab an outfit I just grab down a whole column in my drawers, and I have the whole outfit already laid out.”

“I always put my clothes out the night before.”

“I don’t usually wear the same color two days in a row. Usually I do blues and purples just because they’re my favorite colors.”

“I do have interchangeable ones, like I have general blue shorts that would go with five or six blue shirts that I have that I could make work, right? So, I mean, some of them obviously specifically go together. I have ones that are interchangeable as well but they still flow.”

“I do monochromatic Air Jordans. ”

“[Michael Jordan] has this quote where he says, ‘Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen,’ and … my life mantra is, ‘Make it happen, do what you have to do to accomplish your goals, get everything done. Don’t just try, you do it.'”

“I probably have more shoes than most of the girls here.”

“I’m always wearing shorts and t-shirts … even in the winter.”

“Actually a good place to get the shoes cheap––because they’re usually pretty expensive––is the Nordstrom Rack.”

“I’ve done this since 9th grade.”

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