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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Style spotlight: Lauren Platman ’15

Credit: Cade Beck

Every week, The Pioneer searches out Whitties who bring an extra splash of fashion consciousness and sartorial daring to campus. This week’s Style Spotlight: first-year Lauren Platman.

Style Sound Bites

“I actually just got my boots from Forever 21. Nothing important attached to them; I just thought they looked cool. My cardigan I got from my grandparents for Hanukkah, and I actually wanted my grandma to knit me a sweater, but she decided to buy it instead. It’s from Urban Outfitters. And then, my earrings I got at this local store in Portland, and they’re made by a local artist. I just thought they were really interesting and different.”

“My roommate and I talk about it a lot, whenever we’re trying to put something together. We ask each other if it looks okay. I just kind of grab random things and just try it on. I really like boots and socks where you show your socks, and then I usually pair that with tights, and I love dresses. And then baggy cardigans are my favorite.”

“Sometimes I like kind of the hipster-alt look, but I wouldn’t say I’m a hipster or alt at all; I just really like that kind of style, ’cause it’s kind of grungy, don’t-try-hard: yet obviously, you kind of do.”

“I’ve never had like a fashion icon, but I really enjoy looking at fashion magazines and seeing what kind of stuff is new or just interesting. I’ve gotten really into going to vintage stores and finding different stuff from there and trying new decades. I really like the ’90s.”

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