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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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New WEB Chair looks to improve young program, draw more volunteers

Incoming Whitman Events Board Chair, Noah Henry-Darwish, looks to continue the work of his predecessor while bringing about certain philosophical changes connected to the student community and ASWC.

What are some planned events?

We don’t have anything concrete set up. I think some of the traditional events will obviously continue. This was the first year we had Lifeboat in the fall, and we want that to continue. We are also working on the opening for the first-years. We want to make sure that is is a really great experience for them and that we draw attention to WEB. We want to let them know that WEB is a resource for them to use and get involved in and volunteer.

What changes are taking place to WEB?

I think especially since WEB is a young organization –– this next year is its third year –– we are still in flux to some extent. One thing that is changing in terms of the board is we are going to have creative arts co-directors, who will be in charge of the gallery in Reid and creative arts on campus, which can include arts and crafts projects and bringing arts to the campus. When we shifted from Campus Activities Board to WEB that was a position that used to be two gallery people and two in creative arts and that was condensed into one and we have seen a strain on that position. The workshops fill up really fast, and there is more demand than we can meet with the current structure. Additionally, other philosophical things I want to work on is strengthen the relationship between WEB and AWSC. I would really like to connect WEB and ASWC and continue the work that Matt Coleman started and really try to draw a lot of input from the senators to get more information and more student input. WEB can always be strengthened by getting more input from students.

How have financial difficulties been handled with events still coming in?

WEB is still trying to figure out how the budget thing works because our budget has grown from last year. No, we haven’t experienced financial restraint, but I think that’s because ASWC really sees an important part of the student experience as things outside of academics that still makes students think and talk, and WEB provides a lot of that entertainment and thought-provoking material.

Why did you want to become WEB Chair?

The position I have [in ASWC] allowed me to see WEB from a critical standpoint and always be reflecting on what we are doing. I was able to work directly with Matt Coleman a lot. I had been thinking about it all year and as an RA in the Interest House Community I learned programming is a lot of work, and I think the model WEB has with directors and volunteers is so important. I think WEB has room for growth and I’ve really watched WEB grow since I was a sophomore. I’m just excited to be a part   of it.

What has been your favorite WEB event?

I was excited for Dan Savage for a really long time. I’ve followed Dan Savage since I was a kid in his column “Savage Love”, and it kind of blew my mind that he could come to Whitman and WEB could be a part of that. I thought he was fantastic lecturer and I got to talk to him and have dinner, and he was a really interesting person.

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