Spotlight: Campus band Dabbles in Bloom overcomes obstacles, plans ahead

Kate Robinette

What started out as two students playing a just-for-kicks concert together in Whitman’s amphitheater has now grown to a four-member, blogosphere-touted indie group with an album, iTunes availability and tentative tour plans.

Juniors Adriel Borshansky and Rimmy Doowa and sophomores Robby Seager and Jonas Myers recorded Dabbles in Bloom’s first album “Found It” last year. It was released in July 2010, right before Borshansky went abroad for a semester.

Juniors Adriel Borshansky and Rimmy Doowa of the all-student band Dabbles in Bloom practice vocals Wednesday, Feb. 23rd. Credit: Kendra Klag

“I remember those cold nights biking past the penitentiary down the road to the studio: super sketch: but somehow I didn’t care. We just wanted something solid … [to] keep us going,” said Doowa on recording the album.

The band, whose style music blog Stereotyped Life described as “whisper rock”, sees itself as a lighthearted creative body.

“It’s fun, friendly indie rock with a little bit of jazz,” says Seager.

“[We’re] jazz-influenced, even if it’s not explicit in all the songs,” said Borshansky.

“And we also don’t have explicit songs,” added Myers, showing the characteristic humor and fun-loving side of Dabbles in Bloom.”It’s music you’ll never be sad while you’re listening to.”

The band’s style is driven largely by the lilting, original songwriting of Borshansky.

“Writing music has always been really meaningful for me, something that I value and … I feel like when we’re together as a group we can create new things that us individually wouldn’t be able to do,” he said.

Doowa, female vocals and sundry percussion, does it because she enjoys singing.

“I’m a creative person, but I’ve never been able to really show it much. What Adriel does is he plays the guitar [and] says, ‘Just sing whatever you feel like singing.’ … [and] good things come out of it,” said Doowa.

Seager, the band’s drummer and a former math and economics major, decided to take this semester off to focus on music.

“I wanted to have as much time as possible to work not only on this band but all kinds of other musical things … and I’m probably going to be a music major and work on that now,” he said.

Myers plays keys and bass guitar for the group, and was introduced to the band in a dining hall on campus.

“Dabbles in Bloom is something I just kind of stumbled into … at the beginning of spring semester of my freshman year,” said Myers. “We just started jamming and 12 months later we had an album.”

Credit: Kendra Klag

With a website, a music video and numerous blog mentions under its belt, the band looks forward to nicer weather and new projects, including a major music video project to its song “Limb of Novelty” that is set to finish this semester.

Dabbles is also working on new music and plans to be doing numerous small events around campus when things warm up. They have Reid Ballroom booked on April 21  and are in the process of planning a big show for that date. They are also currently in the process of obtaining a manager to handle the administrative end of things.

The band also has a message to Whitman students: “Keep making art.”

“Part of the reason that I’m so excited about being in this group is that it’s all-student,” said Borshansky.

Dabbles in Bloom only further proves what comes out of Whitman when students create.