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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Students ‘Bowl’-ed over for commercials

By Josh Goodman

Anybody looking for a wardrobe malfunction would have been disappointed.   But for everybody else, the non-football parts of last Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIII were sure to please.

At least Cardinals fans have something to laugh about.

Most popular among national audiences and Whitman students was a Doritos commercial where a crystal ball that yielded free Doritos was accidentally lodged into a man’s groin.

Another Doritos ad featured a man whose every wish came true when he bit into a chip.

“They were so funny,” first-year Brett Konen said of the Doritos ads.

Junior Shellin Tran preferred an E-Trade ad “because the babies were hilarious.”   In the ad, two babies overlaid with adult voices talk about how to succeed in tough economic times.

Not every ad was stellar, though.

Tran thought ads for SoBe, featuring human dancers and 3D animated animals, “were not funny or memorable.”

The halftime show, meanwhile, featured Bruce Springsteen.   That didn’t seem to garner as much interest among Whitties.

First-year Zach Schierl admitted that he “wasn’t really paying attention.”   He was watching for the game itself.

For those who missed the game but still want to see the ads, they are available online.

Hulu.com, a joint venture between NBC Universal, News Corp (owner of Fox), and Providence Equity Partners, has all of the Super Bowl commercials available for streaming.

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