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Block Party suceeds indoors

Block Party suceeds indoors | by KimReid Campus Center buzzed with excitement last Saturday as students sporadically dropped to do pushups, jumped in an inflatable bouncy-castle and sprayed paint on T-shirts during the annual Interest House Community (IHC) Block Party. The interest houses were encouraged to put on events pertaining to their respective houses.

Patrick Herman, IHC Resident Director, wanted to spread awareness about the houses. “I really wanted to have a good time and to invite people to learn about the houses… We have a goal to really open the IHC to campus this year,” said Herman.

Students were invited to partake in a variety of events. Many houses offered food. There were crepes, piñatas with candy, Vietnamese rice pudding, cotton candy and popcorn, among other treats offered to students.

“The food is great!” said Elizabeth Bragg, who lives in the Global Awareness House.
Students were encouraged to meet the residents living in the various interest houses.

“I want everyone to get to know the people and the houses. The IHC is a great resource we have that’s really unique to Whitman. We want people just to be able to stop by the houses anytime, like they would with any of the other halls on campus,” said Herman.

IHC residents came to the block party with various goals for the afternoon.

“We just want to let people there’s a Spanish House and that they’re welcome to come hang out whenever,” said Abby McCoy.

The Co-op encouraged students to volunteer for a stream restoration project this Saturday, and to commit to more community service throughout the semester.

“We’re really pushing people to pledge 20 hours of community service,” said Sarah Reichardt. “We could have collected money for a charity, but this way we’re getting more people involved in community service.”

Other residents saw the block party as just an opportunity to have fun.

“We’re here for good food, good conversation, good dancing. Like the French,” said Danielle Witt from the French House.

“We’re just listening to great music and chilling out with our good friends, the Outhouse and the German House,” said McCoy.

Students outside of the IHC also enjoyed themselves.

“This is awesome,” said sophomore Rachelle Sloss. “I think it’s better than last year’s because all the activities are really fun. Lots of good food, and I got to make a headband.”

For many of the interest houses, this was the first of many planned events for the year. The Global Awareness House advertised for a pizza party this week. The Spanish House hinted at their plans to have “the best dance parties on campus,” and the Co-op encouraged students to make a lasting commitment to community service.

“The block party is such a success,” said Herman. “It was really fun when George Bridges got dunked and it was great of him to do that.”

Some residents admitted disappointment that the block party was moved from its original outdoor location to the Reid Campus Center on account of rain.

“It’s not as good as it could be because it’s not outside, but it’s still been a lot of fun,” said Writing House resident, John Loranger.

The block party was well-attended and many houses ran out of supplies long before 5 p.m., when the party ended.

“We just bought a bunch of art supplies and let people go crazy with it. We’re actually basically out of shirts to paint,” said Rachel Hahn of the Fine Arts House.

“We’re out of piñatas, but we’re just chatting with people in Spanish and giving away candy,” said McCoy.

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