Students make statement with political art show

Derek Thurber

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The Stevens Gallery in Reid Campus Center features student art, and this month there is a specific show displaying political art.

“The political art show was inspired by an idea from Andrea Ramirez, who is one of the Stevens Gallery’s advisors,” co-curator Margot Wielgus said. “She thought it would be interesting to have a show based on political posters. We would ask people to create posters presenting their views on candidates and issues, especially since there will be some elections and measures to be voted on in November.”Parent John Bushey observes the political art show in Steven

The show displays many pieces of art by students. The art covers topics from the war in Iraq to environment issues to other more ambiguous topics. Many different genres are represented in the art show.

“Some of the pieces presented definitely take different perspectives on issues we all know at least a little about. So, I think they will help people know issues from more perspectives. Some of the pieces are also enigmatic in meaning. And I hope this makes people think,” Wielgus said.

There are also posters hanging in the gallery for people to add comments and art of their own.

“Our goals for the show are to raise awareness and present viewpoints in an artistic fashion,” Wielgus said. “We also want to gain more community involvement, so we added some paper on the walls and poster-making materials that people could use to build upon the initial show.”

Students on campus have already shown some interest in the political issues surrounding this art show.

“Some ideas and responses to these have already been written on the paper on the walls, so I do think people are interested in conversation and dialogue surrounding issues,” Wielgus said. “And I think they are also participating.”

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