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Chase on becoming a fashion master

by Chase Bucklew

Ok kids, for the last time… I do not miss the sun, heat, or year-round summer in Hawaii. It was all just a cruel plan to ruin my hairstyle every day. Five-minute walk to econ? Game over. My entire morning of developing a masterpiece, annihilated.

Oh I so don’t miss Hawaii at all… PSYCHE.

If you read my last article, I mentioned that the third biggest mall in the World is in Honolulu, Hawaii, about a ten-minute bus ride from school. DANGER, Fer sure!

Shopping is a sport for diehard multi-taskers. One can be social, get some fresh gear, catch up on gossip with friends, check out the hottie boomalotties, spend money, eat hecka greasy food and get some exercise (yeah, it so counts).

Out here in the boonies of Eastern Washington, we are deprived of any real shopping adventures. These days I find myself becoming a hermit. Whoa, hold up. The creative possibilities are infinite. You can buy anything from a rippen band tee to a pikachu costume… Saved by the Internet! Score!

Shopping online is so not confining because I can, like, buy stuff from stores all over the planet! Allow me to point you to some of my favorite destinations in the galaxy of the invisible mall.

1. Spandex of all varieties in the metallic neon of your choice? I know just the place. My very favorite store to shop in my hometown was American Apparel.

To be decked out in the rad subtly 80’s inspired designs of Dov Charvey is a cinch! Type americanapparel.com into your browser, and shop till you drop, please. Some decent threads on this site are their zillions of variations on the “Fine Jersey T-Shirt” and the “California Fleece Track Jacket” which seem to have the golden fit; American Apparel specializes in the basics.

2. Those Nikes are so gangster, you’re def gonna need a grill to balance them out. Urban Outfitters used to be for cooler-than-thou indie kids, but when everyone wanted a piece of the pie… Let’s just say, word got around. Secretly, I still shop their web site. Every day.

The store is pretty much an explosion of fashion gold. The online store is like an explosion of fashion platinum. And those Nikes are so sick.
If on the experimental side of fashion, UrbanOutfitters.com is the choicest place to get your rad threads and sneaks on the Internet.

3. OMG guys. Who wants to buy a New Kids on the Block shirt for me? I love you… For good measure I’ll toss you a more obscure site; one of my most recent top secret finds.

It’s a fresh site that’s aesthetically pleasing too with an old-school-look. VintageVantage.com’s the name. There’re some semi-dope t-shirt designs, but the treasure is in the vintage section, where you will proceed to order that NKOTB shirt for yours truly!

Of course, I’m not gonna share all my online fashion gems. That would be hipster suicide.

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