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COVID-19 impacts varsity athletes

Ryder Brookes, Sports Reporter

April 10, 2020

With government restrictions due to COVID-19 limiting access to training facilities and cutting seasons short, Whitman varsity athletes are left uncertain about the future and how to navigate training for the upcoming season from home. With over 90 percent of the country under some version of a shel...

Varsity baseball shines at Linfield series

Two students in fencing club duel in Italian style, the more artistic of the two fencing styles. Photo contributed by West Skrobi- ak-Bales

Ryder Brookes, Staff Reporter

March 5, 2020

The Varsity men’s baseball team made a splash during their series with Linfield, creating hype around a successful season and possible national’s run. When asked about how the series went for his team, junior Matthew Sox responded with a lot of hope. “Linfield series was a great team weekend... ...

LGBTQIA+ community within Whitman athletics

Tate Cadang, Sports Reporter

February 27, 2020

Although discussions regarding LGBTQIA+ experiences within the athletic community have become increasingly diversified, there remains more to be talked about.  Senior Olivia Engle, a member of the women’s lacrosse team, shared her experience as a part of the LGBTQIA+ community within Whitman athl...

Navigating defeat as an athlete: Finding perspective in losing

Illustration by Elie Flanagan

Lennae Starr, Staff Reporter

February 27, 2020

Athletes deal with defeat in different ways. While for some it is devastating, others just brush it off. According to Patrick O'Rourke, who compiles statistics from various athletic sources, only around 7 percent of high school athletes are selected to continue playing for a postsecondary institution, m...

Swim team says farewell to seniors

Tate Cadang, Staff Reporter

February 13, 2020

On Saturday, Feb. 1, the atmosphere at Harvey Pool at the Baker Ferguson Fitness Center was bittersweet as the class of 2020 competed in their last home meet for Whitman College. Head coach Jenn Blomme of the men’s and women’s swim teams recounted her time with her current seniors.  “I am s...

The Final Countdown: Seniors Reflect on their Time as Athletes at Whitman

Susanna Williams, Staff Reporter

May 3, 2018

With the final athletic seasons of the year winding down, and the academic year soon to come to a close, now is the time for the Class of 2018 to reflect on their time here at Whitman. For athletes, this is especially bittersweet given that for most, this time also coincides with a realization that they ar...

Are Whitman Athletes Ever Out of Season?

Susanna Williams, Staff Reporter

April 26, 2018

A common misconception of collegiate sports, most prominently at the DIII level, is that they come to a halt when the traditional season is over. However, it is more accurate to say that when the season is over, the real work begins. But wait ... what exactly is an “official off-season?” According...

Women of Color in Whitman Athletics

Women of Color in Whitman Athletics

Susanna Williams, Sports Reporter

February 1, 2018

On the heels of the #metoo and #TimesUp movements, as well as the second annual Women’s March, our minds are focused on the women in our lives: on the women we encounter, the patriarchal world they face and the obstacles that come with being nothing but themselves. One may think about the unique and tre...

Four Swimmers Share Stories from Training Trip

Four Swimmers Share Stories from Training Trip

Ridley Eastland-Fruit, Sports Reporter

January 25, 2018

Ten days of grueling workouts in Southern California marked Whitman Swimming’s winter break training trip. Four swimmers characterize their experiences and growth, both in and out of the water.Contributed by Jill Low   Jonah Rodewald, junior   While there is no question about the brute physicality expected from each and every o...

Should DIII Athletes Be Eligible for Athletic Scholarships?

Kyle Reisman, So. Tyler Lewis, So. Baseball Team. Studying o chem.

Ridley Eastland-Fruit, Sports Writer

September 15, 2016

What is the difference between Division I and Division III athletics? Many point to higher standards of competition, more demanding time commitments and larger institutions as characteristics of DI programs. We have all heard of the debate on paying some DI college athletes, but what about DIII a...

Whitman Soccer Takes LA

Whitman Men's Soccer Team in Loss Angeles. Photo by Trayvon Foy '17

Conor Scanlon, Sports Writer

September 15, 2016

While many students were acclimating themselves to campus the first weekend after classes began, the Whitman Men’s and Women’s Soccer teams were busy playing in a combined five games in Southern California. Pre-Northwest Conference trips like this are typical for the soccer teams. Last year t...

Opportunities Abound If You Know Where to Look

Opportunities Abound If You Know Where to Look

Pamela London

May 15, 2014

When my mom picked me up after my first semester at Whitman College, she asked me, "Are you sad that you only have seven semesters left?" At the time, I knew the answer: definitively yes. I was a varsity soccer player and English major-to-be living in Jewett Hall and the best section ever (3-West, fo...

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