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Bob Dylan Reluctantly Accepts Nobel Prize

Anthony Reale, Not a Squirrel Piloting a Human Suit
April 13, 2017
Filed under Humor

Bob Dylan reluctantly swung by the Nobel Prize Office during a tour stop in Stockholm, Switzerland to pick up his Nobel Prize in Literature over April Fool’s Day weekend. Although many think of Dylan as a ‘cool cucumber,’ the famous singer-songwriter was neither cool nor cucumbery in his acceptance...

Dreyeckland: Day-trips to France and Switzerland

Karah Kemmerly
September 27, 2012
Filed under OPINION

In the 70s and 80s, a nuclear-sized storm came to Freiburg. More specifically, plans were made to build the Kernkraftwerk Wyhl (a nuclear power plant) in Kaiserstuhl, an area just north of the city, and several environmentally conscious student groups took to the streets- and radio signals-in protest. From...

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