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Language: “It’s Not Just a Classroom Thing”

Elvira Martinez Rueda, is language assistant of La Casa Hispana.

Claire Reichle

March 1, 2018

When the new class of students came to the Whitman campus for the first time in August, there was a unique group of five among them whose stories set them apart. While they were just as nervous and excited as the Class of 2021, the five language assistants came to Whitman with separate linguistic an...

Personnel committee denies Alberto’s appeal for tenure

Josh Goodman

May 16, 2012

Alberto G.*, assistant professor of foreign languages and literatures for Spanish, was again denied tenure after the faculty personnel committee reconsidered his case. Alberto, who has been at Whitman for six years, applied for tenure during the Fall 2011 semester, as is typical of sixth-year assistant...

Mis sentimientos: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mis sentimientos: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


July 24, 2011

These last two days have been the experience I have been waiting for. The day before today, we toured all around Buenos Aires -- to el Centro to visit the government houses, including La Casa Rosada, the Pink House, where la presidenta, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner lives; la Boca, the most colorful...

Queen of de Nile – I mean, del Rio de la Plata


July 22, 2011

I got all my bags, no problems there. Only one of my liquids exploded: my mom packed some honey packets and one got squished, so there is honey all over my tote. Got stared at by all the Argentine folk, understandably since the girl in the mirror has been the only Asian I've seen all day, too. I've had...

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