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RAs Reapply in Record Numbers

Sylvie Corwin, Staff Reporter

November 29, 2018

Earlier this month the Residential Life department finalized the new Resident Assistant (RA) assignments for next semester. 12 current RAs reapplied for the 36 RA positions available, a record number of returnees. Unlike most schools, Whitman’s RAs are hired on a calendar year. Director of Res...

Mind the Gap: New Res Hall Promises to Shake Up Campus Culture

Larger dots represent larger population of Sophomore student residence. Contributed by Neal Christopherson.

Chris Hankin, News Editor

February 13, 2018

From the corner of Alder and Park the progress on Whitman’s newest residence hall is clear. What was an empty lot this time last spring is now a building nearing completion. Though the Cleveland Dining Hall isn’t scheduled to open until a few months after the Fall 2018 semester begins, students will file into the new...

Resident Assistant Training

Illustration by Haley King

Andy Monserud, Investigative Director

December 7, 2016

A lot is expected of Resident Assistants (RAs) at Whitman. They are confidants, leaders, and enforcers to their residents. To cope with these various pressures, the Residence Life office holds a ten-day training prior to each semester for RAs as they prepare to join their new sections. RA training aims to achi...

Conversations Held About Douglas Hall Tree

Photo by Tywen Kelly

Georgia Lyon

April 14, 2016

Concerns over structural safety vs. personal value of the Japanese maple tree in Douglas Hall has led to conversations about the future of the tree.

Architects display design plans for proposed construction

Ellen Ivens-Duran, News Writer

September 24, 2015

Models and designs for the proposed construction of a new sophomore residence hall, junior/senior housing and dining hall, were on display in Reid Campus Center on Thursday, Sep. 19. Architects from ZGF and Hacker, formerly THA, the two firms chosen by Whitman to present proposals, were also present to explain the plans to students, staff and faculty.

Class of 2019 Smallest in Recent Times

Infographic by Spencer Light.

Georgia Lyon

September 17, 2015

Whitman’s class of 2019 is smaller than expected because the yield from the main applicant and waitlist pools was lower than anticipated. The group of 364 first-years and 17 transfers fell well short of both the goals and expectations of the Office of Admissions given past trends, resulting in more space in residence halls this year.

New Dining Hall, Sophomore Residence Hall, and Upperclassmen Apartments in the Works

Ellen Ivens-Duran and Sarah Cornett

September 10, 2015

A new dining hall, sophomore residence hall, and apartments for juniors and seniors could be new campus facilities as early as the fall of 2017, if a project titled the Living at Whitman Initiative is approved by college’s trustees and overseers in November.

Study breaks ease end-of-semester tension

Annie Roge

December 11, 2014

During the week of finals, the Residence Life staff will hold study halls every evening to help students relax after stressful days. For Whitman students living in on-campus, organized study breaks are an integral part of residence life. While each Hall organizes its study breaks independently during...

Residence Life Shuts Down Camp Whitman

Residence Life Shuts Down Camp Whitman

Lachlan Johnson

February 6, 2014

Students must move out of residence halls by Thursday, May 22 this year, bringing an end to the period between the end of finals and commencement commonly known as Camp Whitman. Traditionally, residence halls have remained open until commencement to allow underclassmen the chance to see their friends ...

Push for Gender-Neutral Housing Continues

Illustration by Tyler Schuh

Emily Lin-Jones

April 11, 2013

After pushing a resolution through the Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) Senate calling for gender-neutral housing for first-years, sophomore GLBTQ intern Evan Griffis is continuing to push the Office of Residence Life and Housing to improve transparency around its current housing policies...

Four Years of Residence

Four Years of Residence

Caitlin Bergman

March 24, 2013

First-year rooms become a home away from home for most Whitman students––a chance to redecorate and create lifelong friendships. Though most Whitties only live in a particular room on campus for one year or less, unforgettable memories are created. The Circuit tracked down students who lived in...

With some confusion, incoming class receives housing assignments early

Rachel Alexander

July 25, 2012

The incoming class of 2016 received their final housing assignments yesterday for the 2012-13 school year. Whitman's housing assignments are typically announced later in the summer, around the first week of August. However, the Residence Life and Housing Office discovered that preliminary housing...

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