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Vol. CLIV, Issue 5
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Artwork featured in Collen Bokens 19 exhibition Perspectives: Binaries in Disruption vary in medium and were all created by queer Whitman alumni.

Art Projects Explore Queer Experiences

Michelle Foster, A&E Editor April 19, 2018

This year’s David Nord Award, an annual prize given to students for projects addressing problems that queer communities face, went to junior Colleen Boken and alumna Anna Zheng. Each chose a creative...

If turds were poems; rabbits would write

Reed Hendrickson March 5, 2015

Tooth, Toothi, Toothes? Have you ever thought What do people call multiple Tooth, Toothi, Toothes What makes it correct? Like octopus to octopuses? Octopus to Octopi Or Octopus to...


Reed Hendrickson February 26, 2015
Dayz Two Shoes Make the day go Put them on your hands And get a work out Or throw them in a tree Or at a cat Two shoes Make the day go

Rosemary’s Poetry Corner

Rosemary Hanson May 1, 2014

If Robert Frost Were as Lazy as I. The hell are you? I think I know, but I could be mistaken though, for freezer-burn works to obscure that which you were three months ago.   I...

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