Rosemary’s Poetry Corner

Rosemary Hanson

If Robert Frost Were as Lazy as I.

The hell are you? I think I know,

but I could be mistaken though,

for freezer-burn works to obscure

that which you were three months ago.


I almost think I can recall

a stir-fry made in early fall

that fell behind the ice-cream tubs

joining some frozen food cabal.


The answer now for which I strive

in eating you: will I survive?

The Safeway is so far away;

too lazy to attempt the drive.


But I recall as courage thins,

my college mantra so begins:

that soy-sauce covers many sins,

that soy-sauce covers many sins.


Why We Should Not Share Food

The final avocado

I sit on the counter,


by time and

the etiquette of communal food-sharing

no one will break.


Ethical Dilemmas in the Supermarket

Becoming vegan:

I know it’s the right thing, but

Tillamook cheddar.