Reed Hendrickson


Two Shoes

Make the day go

Put them on your hands

And get a work out

Or throw them in a tree

Or at a cat

Two shoes

Make the day go


Birds and Bees

Do the kids tell the truth?

About how babies are made

I’m not so sure

Those little rascals

And their imaginations

Thinking you have to pee

In a girl’s mouth

To make babies

But who knows

I haven’t tried it

Maybe it works



Look at the hottie

With that naughty body

The other objects don’t

Look as good

But in the end

It doesn’t matter

All of them are toys

And each one has

Its special place

Spreading happiness

And light

To the corners

Of life


Life is a dark place

We spend most of our life

Devouring other animals

Tearing off their legs

Ripping open their breasts

Destroying their environments

To make our shitty cities

Where more death and sadness occur

We are stuck in a cycle

That’s full of irony and hypocrites

By golly gosh

The bliss in it all

Ignorance makes the world go round



People try to predict the future all the time

Standing around and looking down

Pondering what is ahead for them

But most of their predictions suck

Will cars fly? Fuck no

Will the world end? Yes

But not until humanity kills it

Is 6 afraid of 7? Yes

7 8 9


The real predictions come from


It Is So Simple


Fortune Cookie

Gives hope to all the rest

These objects are the only predictions

That matter in life


Bang Bang

Many things go “Bang Bang”

The choo choo train

Colliding into a truck

The Martial Artist

Laying down the hammer

On the small deadly child

The mini bat

Breaking the skull of the salmon

The young boy running

And tripping over the curb

These cause pain

But one doesn’t

Two people in a basement

Grinding on that wood

Dry humping that clay


4 Liners

Roses are read

Violets are written

How many boys

Does it take to kill a chicken


Blue birds fly

Grasshoppers will die

But most importantly

One must say bye


Toenails are hard

Brains are gooey

When you mix them together

It makes you go pooey


Wrist watch

The only thing you can see

When my fist is in your ass



The torture

Slowly strangling your wrists

Or your ankles

When will the pain stop?

Bracelet Awareness

Needs to be known