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In Support of Same-Sex Marriage, Two American Pizza Companies Have Gay-Married

Winston Weigand, Aspiring Petsitter
February 23, 2017
Filed under Humor

Not long ago, same-sex couples in America were completely barred from becoming officially married. Over time, however, individual states began to pass laws that legalized same-sex marriage, and in the summer of 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately took initiative and ruled that it was legal nationwide. With p...

The Importance of Traveling with Like-Minded People

The Importance of Traveling with Like-Minded People

Aleida Fernandez
February 10, 2014
Filed under Off-Campus Blogs, Sprechen Sie Englisch?

My week-long trip to Italy started out as a disaster. Not only was our train to Florence canceled two times due to snow, but our first encounter with staff from the Austrian train company, Ã–BB, left a rotten taste in our mouths as they helped everyone but us get a refund. Our vacation was looking...

Pizza Pipeline delivers mondo pizza

Pizza Pipeline delivers mondo pizza

November 15, 2009
Filed under A&E

Pizza lovers, make sure you're sitting down. Pizza Pipeline is new in town, and is bringing you more pizza than you can handle. Its largest pizza measures in at a glorious 26-inch diameter. "It'll just barely fit through a conventional door," said pizza driver Nate Shewchuk. Pizza Pipeline, loca...

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