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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Illustration by Amelia Ebling.

The definitive “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” review

Samantha Fitts, down bad for animated women April 13, 2023

Warning: This review contains spoilers. I hate to admit it, but this movie did not have the right to be as good as it actually was. "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" is a kid’s film first and foremost,...

Illustration by Elie Flanagan

“To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”: A Feel-Good Treasure

September 23, 2018

As the new school year begins, students understandably find less and less time to watch movies solely for leisure. However, it is of great importance to set aside time for viewing movies with no responsibility...

Illustration by Catalina Burch

“Annihilation” Destined to Be a Classic

Cy Burchenal, Staff Reporter March 1, 2018

Alex Garland’s “Annihilation” is a film as captivating as it is disturbing. Set in a national forest following an unexplained biological disaster, the film focuses on the fate of a team of scientists...

Illustration by Catalina Burch

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Movie Review

Alasdair Padman, Staff Reporter January 25, 2018

Rian Johnson’s “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” (2017) is the antithesis of J. J. Abrams’ “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” (2015). “The Force Awakens” was a nostalgia trip for old fans and an easily...

Illustration by Eric Rannestad

“Blade Runner 2049” Reflects Society

Alasdair Padman October 14, 2017
The newly-released film "blade Runner 2049" is an excellent mirror into today's society.
Illustration by Claire Revere

“Baby Driver” Soundtrack Drives Film

Alasdair Padman, Staff Writer September 11, 2017

"Baby Driver” is an action-driven film with no time for character development: a technically perfect example of its genre. It is also a masterful blend of music and movement—the synchronicity of the...

“Fantastic Beasts” an enchanting “Potter” prequel

Eric Anderson, A&E Editor December 1, 2016

Mixing the charms of its characters, an engaging narrative and grandiose visuals to strong effect, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” a prequel to the “Harry Potter” franchise, is an uncommonly...

Illustration by Claire Revere

“Art of the Deal” movie mocks Trump’s crass side

Michelle Foster, Staff Writer November 3, 2016

Political humor is at its most bizarre in the Funny or Die production, “Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie.” The film, released on Feb. 10, 2016, is a parody that highlights the absurdity...

“Amanda Knox” a raw look at the media

Missy Gerlach, Staff Reporter October 9, 2016

This past week, I attended a meeting for students planning to study abroad. Around 20 students and myself anxiously sat together, waiting for the speaker talk us through the process of choosing and applying...

“Batman v Superman” is a Super-Clunker

Eric Anderson, Staff Writer April 7, 2016
Zack Snyder's superhero match-up is bogged down by an incoherent plot, bad characterization and unimpressive action.

Netflix Gems: The Best Films You Didn’t Hear About

Eric Anderson, Staff Writer March 3, 2016
"Nightcrawler", "Beyond the Lights" and "White God" are among the better films to grace Netflix in the past year.

Holiday Movie Catchup: A Look at this Winter’s Best

Eric Anderson, A&E Writer January 28, 2016
With most of 2015's holiday releases wrapping up their box office runs, it's time to look back at three of the better films to grace theaters this past Christmas.
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