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Helpful Hilda, the advice column (the return)

Helpful Hilda

April 28, 2020

Hilda, Sorry if my tuypong is a little bad .. i am only typing with one hand because i just smashed my other in a car door and it is definitely looking funny and feels like something horrible. Ouch ouch but oh well. Reachingo out if you know a good replaicement for canned corn. I I wanted to bake brea...

Helpful Hilda

Ashlyn Quintus & Annelise Ellingboe

October 22, 2018

Hilda, Hi. Something is not right. My dog, a small large corgi/great dane mix named Henry, cannot stop... tooting ): Even my guests are concerned and refuse to enter my abode because of the gruesome scent. Worse yet, I am starting to wonder if he is doing it to spite me. He now does it whenever our ...

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