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Filling pains: Student access to prescription medication

Anabelle Dillard, News Writer March 3, 2022

Figuring out how to fill and manage prescriptions can be a major challenge for Whitman students, especially those who come from out of state.  One option is the Welty Health Center, which can prescribe...

Surprising! School finds letting sick students stay home makes them healthier

AE, Hamburger Liason March 12, 2020

Whitman faculty and staff were shocked this week as students returned to classes healthier after allowing them to stay home sick.  Following the announcement that sick students should be excused from...

Alum looking forward to wild night in Health Center

Madeline Kemp September 30, 2019

Last weekend was alumni weekend, and Dave Teppner, class of ‘83, knew exactly how he wanted to relive his favorite party nights at Whitman. There would be the obligatory spots, of course, to show the...

Op-Ed: Suggestions for Improving the Sexual Assault Survivor’s Experience at Whitman College

Emily Volpert, Whitman College Senior April 30, 2017

At Whitman, the number of reports of sexual assault has consistently increased over the last five years. While reports of sexual assault on campus are steadily increasing, far fewer assaults are investigated...

Aldahleh Seeks Support for Possible EMS Program

Andy Monserud , Investigative Director December 4, 2016

A first-year ASWC senator is in the process of creating a student-run volunteer emergency medical service. Omar Aldahleh began work on planning a service that would provide rapid-response aid to minor...

Illustration by Claire Revere

Alcohol at Whitman: Blues and Booze

Katharine Gillen and Olivia Gilbert November 10, 2016

Ever dreamed of grabbing a beer with a professor or fellow student after class at a convenient on-campus location? Although it’s not yet possible, seniors Mitchell Cutter and Spencer Mueller seek to...

ASWC plans for Health Center Advisory Board

Jeremy Alexander February 26, 2015
ASWC representatives are preparing a resolution to create an advisory committee for the Welty Health Center. The resolution, written by junior ASWC Senators Olivia Hagel and Nick Hochfeld, is expected to come before the Senate on March 8.
Students Struggle With Concussion Aftermath

Students Struggle With Concussion Aftermath

Helen Angell February 13, 2014
Thirteen concussions were reported to the Dean of Students in Fall 2013, a sharp increase from previous years. Students and staff believe that higher numbers were reported last semester because of heightened awareness about the seriousness of concussions and their impact on the brain.

Health Center offers free flu vaccinations for staff and faculty

Elise Tinseth October 4, 2012
On Oct. 2, Health Center staff, with funding from the Human Resources Center, gave a free flu shot clinic to all staff and faculty members in hopes to make vaccination convenient and encourage people to stay healthy during flu season.
Leah Siegel 14 learning how to check blood pressure from Dawn Chlipala RN, Chelsea Momany 11.  Photo Credit: Brandon Fennell

Health Center creates student Incidence Response Squad

Joe Volpert October 21, 2010
The Welty Health Center created a new position this year that allows EMT-Basic or Red Cross First Aid certified students to work in the Health Center.
Flu hits Whitman campus hard, H1N1 vaccine near

Flu hits Whitman campus hard, H1N1 vaccine near

Lea Negrin November 5, 2009
68 students came to the Health Center with influenza-like symptoms last week, the most during a one week period this semester.

Flu response poses different illness

Galen Bernard November 4, 2009
Extreme response to H1N1 leaves those afflicted feeling isolated, not wanted and desperate for human contact.
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