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Locals, Students Against Mill Creek Levee Tree Removal

Photo by Nace.

Mikaela Slade, News Writer

October 7, 2015

The Army Corps of Engineers is scheduled this month to begin removing trees along the Mill Creek Levee and replace them with grass in order to comply with a government policy that requires all trees within 15 feet of a levee to be removed. The removal has met a strong rebuttal from parts of the Walla...

Lyons’ music entertains, educates

James Kennedy

October 3, 2014

A musician with a message, Dana Lyons has been combining environmental activism with folk and alternative rock since the 1980s. Most well-known for his hit song "Cows with Guns," Lyons will be performing at the Reid Campus Center on Thursday, Oct. 2 at 7 p.m. Lyons' use of sardonic humor in his music...

Whitman Alumni Find Environmentalist Views Evolving

Thorndike organized this project.

Sam Chapman

May 13, 2013

At Whitman, ideals are one thing you can always count on finding somewhere. There is no shortage of people who believe strongly in something––in the end of rape culture, the abolition of modern slavery, the inadvisability of GM crops––and assert that the only way to get it is to fight for it. This...

Green victories pile up as story, tactics change

Sam Chapman

September 13, 2012

When I began this piece, three courageous men and women––I'll call them heroes––were chained to a piece of construction equipment in the woods of East Texas. They were putting their bodies on the line to halt work on a southern portion of the Keystone XL pipe...

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