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Unconditional Love: How Pets are Shaping the Student Experience

Phyllis Pawa and her cat Scout play on the Reid side lawn.

Claire Reichle and Sophie Liebsohn

September 24, 2018

Ask many students what they miss most about being away from home, and they will tell you their pets. Dogs, cats, lizards, horses and chickens are just a few of the creatures that students leave behind as they transition back into life as college students. However, there is a smaller group of who have...

Area dog owners fed up with unpaid labor

CJ Fritz, Amateur Porcupine Hugger

September 23, 2018

A crisis in unpaid labor is gripping the Walla Walla area. Exploitative practices and unchecked privilege have led to the abuse of some of the area’s most important workers: dogs. For 150 years, Whitman College students have capitalized off of canine unpaid emotional labor, and area dog owners...

Review: “Isle of Dogs” is Beautiful but Disappointing

Alasdair Padman, Staff Reporter

May 3, 2018

Wes Anderson’s “Isle of Dogs” is a visual spectacle that never quite escapes the stereotypes of a large-budget Hollywood release. Set in a near-future Japan, an authoritarian leader banishes all canines from Megasaki City to Trash Island after a vicious virus spreads through the population. ...

Sweets Facing Unique Allegations

Cole Anderson

April 2, 2015

In a recent report from the Ultiworld online website (for those who don't know, which is presumably a lot, this is the college Ultimate Frisbee website), the Whitman Ultimate Frisbee teams have received some ruff news. They both have been tentatively disqualified from nationals contention. This news...

Air travel offers unexpected pleasures

Peter Ramaley

November 6, 2014

I miss flying. Being from Seattle, I always drive to Walla Walla, and so my time in the sky has been severely diminished. I can't help but feel nostalgic for an airplane ride. Once you get past security, the stern-faced TSA agents who valiantly protect our country from tooth paste and baby bottles...

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