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Humor: Whitman Border Wall Reaches Completion

Illustration by Nate Raphael

Anthony Reale, Eats His Vegetables

February 9, 2017

Nearly everyone on the Whitman campus understands that we live in a bubble, seperate from Walla Walla. We eat different food, wear different clothing and speak in a different language. In recent years, The Bubble has been breached a few times. The Banff Film Festival brought an onslaught of rand...

Ballerinos defy stereotypes

Illustration: Emily Johnson

Allison Work

December 8, 2011

For men looking to get moving on campus and earn credit simultaneously, there is a class that may be of interest: ballet. The co-ed beginning, intermediate and advanced classes generally enroll about 15 students per class, but the number of men in Beginning Ballet fluctuates every year. This semester,...

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