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Illustration by Hayden Garner.

Culinary connections: the love our meals give us

Sneh Chachra, Feature Writer February 23, 2023

The first time I remember missing India was when I was licking brownie batter off of a wooden spoon in my apartment in Los Angeles. I was four when I left India, but I still remember my grandmother would...

Illustration by Hannah Paul

Taking time to taste

Dana Walden, Opinion Editor May 8, 2020

As I write this, I am sitting on my back porch in Tennessee; my mamma is grilling buns and okra while the bbq is cooking in the crockpot inside. I can smell her bbq, even through thick walls. Good food...

Top 10 foods that are much better cooked

Maude Lustig, Lover AND Fighter November 11, 2019

Since the discovery of fire many years ago, people and things that look like people have been throwing shit on the flames and seeing what they get back. We here at The Wire have gone through thousands...

Olive prepares for holidays with cooking classes

Olive prepares for holidays with cooking classes

Daniel Kim November 20, 2014

November means many holidays are just around the corner, but it also means another year for Olive Marketplace and Cafe's annual Open Kitchen: Holiday Cooking Series. The series includes five classes,...

Secrets of Backcountry Cooking

Secrets of Backcountry Cooking

Luke Hampton December 9, 2013
While you may just want a good recipe or two, I find that half of the joy of backcountry cooking is experimenting, being creative and making the most out of what you have; I’d hate to take that away from you with step-by-step directions and a recipe list. However, here are some of my favorite suggestions for you to keep in mind that I expect to both please your taste buds and your wallets:

Tips for rookie home cooks

Sam Adler September 27, 2012
Need tips on how to take your cuisine from "good enough" to gourmet? Sam Adler offers basic tips for hungry college students.

A student’s guide to college cooking

Ellie Newell March 13, 2012
How do you navigate the thousands of grocery store options so that you come home with delicious healthy food and don't break the bank in the process? Food critic Ellie Newell shares her tips and a scrumptious pasta sauce recipe.
Johnny Zimmerman 11 (left), Curtis Reid 10 (center) and Ali Schlueter 11 (right) prepare curry and enchiladas in their off-campus homes.  Photo by Brandon Fennell

Off-campus students weigh options to cooking healthy meals on budget

Kate Robinette February 17, 2011
Staff Writer Kate Robinette explores off-campus students eating and cooking habits.

Thrifty Whitties: making sushi rice

Olivia Jones November 17, 2010
How to make sushi for dinner and a recipe for sushi rice.

Thrifty Whitties: How to make perfect rice

Olivia Jones November 4, 2010
How to make perfect rice with or without a rice maker.

Thrifty Whitties: Roast Pumpkin Seeds

Olivia Jones October 28, 2010
How to roast pumpkin seeds and Olivia and her housemates' celebration of Fall Day.

Thrifty Whitties: Prep for Parent’s Weekend – Spaghetti Aglio e Olio with Roast Summer Squash

Olivia Jones October 14, 2010
How to make a cheap, easy, and impressive pasta with Aglio e Olio (garlic and olive oil).
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