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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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Illustration by M Hu.

Auntie Lee’s insight on romantic indicators

Lee Thomas, ex-boyfriend bounty hunter April 20, 2023

Dear Auntie Lee, There's someone in my life who I suspect might be into me. I'm totally down for a relationship with them, but I don't want to make the jump only to find out they were being platonic...

Illustration by Keeli McKern.

Auntie Lee’s winter break survival kit

Lee Thomas, fortified with essential vitamins and minerals December 8, 2022

Maybe you're a first-year who had your first "returning home" experience over Thanksgiving break or you're a student who stayed in Walla Walla for the break specifically to avoid "The Parents." But...

Illustration by Madeleine Stolp.

Auntie Lee’s last minute thesis tools

Lee Thomas, Academic Genius April 14, 2022

Auntie – Please, dear God, help us. I gotta turn in my thesis draft soon, and my boyfriend just received some soul crushing feedback. Too much feedback. Please tell me you've got some thesis advice...

Illustration by Madeleine Stolp.

Auntie Lee’s tips for pissing with a skirt on

Lee Thomas, Yeah I'm gay keep scrolling March 3, 2022

Auntie Lee, I love wearing long skirts. I wear 'em constantly. But using campus bathrooms (and public bathrooms anywhere) while wearing a skirt that reaches my ankles has greatly reduced my quality...

Auntie Lee’s cures for Frat Flu

Lee Thomas, Gogo's nemesis October 28, 2021

Well Auntie Lee, I've got it. No amount of Emergen-C has been able to fix it. I've been out of commission since the weekend and really need to get back to the grind. How can I cure my Frat Flu? Ah-choo, Saturday...

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