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Amazon announces plans to purchase Whitman College

Illustration by Lanh Tran

Elise Sanders, Dictionary Memorizer

February 10, 2020

Walla Walla has been buzzing since Jeff Bezos and Kathy Murray signed an agreement to sell Whitman College to Amazon in order to increase funding for the school. The student body, however, is very divided on the issue. “I don’t know what this means for the college,” said sophomore Hope McAlister...

Tech Paranoia

Illustration by Cat Burch

India Flinchum, Columnist

February 8, 2018

The Amazon Echo is a speaker inhabited by a “digital talking assistant” known as Alexa. The speaker, that appeared on the market three years ago, is capable of a myriad of voice-controlled tasks including playing music, ordering food, scheduling appointments and checking on weather. Alexa streams audit...

Learning to Think: Amazon Day, “Life Paths” and the Liberal Arts

Learning to Think: Amazon Day,

Martina Pansze, Editor-In-Chief

October 24, 2017

“On the surface, many people would think that a Whitman college graduate and Amazon don’t line up,” says Kim Rolfe, Director of Business Engagement at the Student Engagement Center (SEC) and organizer of Friday’s event. “But the truth is that a lot of the things they are looking for at Amazon, Whitman has prepared students very well to do.”

“Chi-Raq”: An Amusing Look at a Serious Topic

Eric Anderson, Staff Writer

February 25, 2016

For a film that begins by presenting a damning social statistic-more Americans have been killed in Chicago in the last decade than in Iraq and Afghanistan combined-Spike Lee's "Chi-Raq" is curiously, but not pointlessly, lighthearted.

Biology Professor Leads Award-Winning Alumni Trips

Biology Professor Leads Award-Winning Alumni Trips

Serena Runyan

September 19, 2013

One Whitman professor can cross catching a piranha out of a rowboat off of his bucket list. Associate Professor of Biology Delbert Hutchison, known around campus as "Hutch," won the 2013 Faculty Award for Service this summer for his work leading alumni trips. The Whitman College Alumni Association...

Bookstore aims to update outdated inventory system

Molly Johanson

February 2, 2012

This year, Whitman's bookstore has undergone a number of changes in an effort to remain independent. Some of these improvements have been made to decrease the likelihood of theft occurring in the store. Bookstore Service and Operations Specialist Zoey Smith acknowledges that theft can be an issue....

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